Reiki Courses ONLINE

Distant Reiki courses with Aschima - Awake Healer, Clair Intuitive, Mantra singer and Reiki Teacher.

Hungry for Healing and Higher Life/Vitality - CHI magic, Opening Gifts - Knowing and Learning the Reiki power/ Keys to live from Higher energies and give Healing to yourself and others.

Aschima is giving online REIKI attunments ( all levels ) with Course material and mail support during your practice. Course material consists of Word document and Youtubevideos.
The First session is with Attunement of a reiki symbol and extra Healing with opening conversation about your unique Soul journey.

- "Reiki Courses with Aschima Online: Every course will give you healing and enhance your chakras, experiences of becoming "more alive, whole and integrated" with more Joy inside - Meditative energies - As well as your healing abilities. Receive Certification of Your Healing abilities as a  Reiki healer.

Reiki 1 Groundlevel - Reiki attunement of Power symbol "Cho Ku Rei" - Learn to give Reiki - to yourself and to clients with intention and deepen your own intuition.

Reiki 2 - Learn to Give a Distance healing session and enhance your healing abilities.
Initiation with 2 Reiki symbols - the distant symbol "Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen" and "Sei He Ki".

Reiki 3 Master level : Learn to give an Reiki Attunement and Mastering Reiki healing.  Learn about how to step out of any remaining insecurities as a healer and any ego - to universal love and understanding. Attunement with power symbol "Day Ko Myo" and Fire symbol "Raku."

4. Reiki Course with - Enlightened Power/Bright Star
- Aschimas New Symbol - received to help those moving through spiritual awakening and Enlightenment to have a wide aura and being able to balance their emotions, receiving inner light and walk their path without disturbance by other peoples stress or negativity in the third dimension... Course material include to give reiki with the symbol to others and to yourself, aura protection ritual by Aschima and the beautiful attunement with extra healing and a blessing.

5. Reiki Course with Aschimas new symbol Sacred OM - Enhance meditative energies - Oneness - Stillness inside, no mind experience and Inner connection with Presence - more buddha laughter and freedom inside.
Coursematerial both for your own mediation, Yoga, classes-
Are you giving courses, there is work material how to use the symbol in your classes and healing work.

6. Reiki Teacher Course with Aschima .

Receive work material how to teach reiki - How to guide and give feedback during a Course - Receive feedback from Aschima, while you teach someone - also give master symbol attunments and certificate to attune and give forward the new EP symbol and Sacred Om. And to teach master reiki course with aschimas wisdom about Ego versus Univeral love. You can receive Aschimas feedback on your own material/

All courses include reiki attunements with high vibrational energies and keys to change and transform to Flow again. Work material in PDF/ Youtube videos and personal feedback during practicing reiki healing. Aschimas support will help you to become Self secure of your healing abilities and Enhance your own intuition.
In Each course and with every attunement you give an intention forward that will create and manifest for your High soul purpose duringand after the course.

Aschima helps you with Karmic energies and enhance your own personal positivity .

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About Reiki:

"Tack Aschima för du hjälpt mig att hitta min inre kärlek,
harmoni, lugn och för din ärlighet på vägen.
Din musik och sång som är helande ända in i själen.
Att få kontakt med mitt inresta allt, är det vackrast
en själ kan finna.
Jag har mött min tvillingsjäl via dig.
Fått igång mitt företag via dig.
Du har fått mig att tro på mig.
Du har hjälpt mig att släppa upp blockeringar inom mig till den fria kvinna jag är, allt är förlåtet och allt är kärlek.
Du är fantastisk och det har varit så värt alla sessioner
med dig.
Dina healing förmågor och att se på livet
är magiskt vackert.

Tack för att du är min Reiki master lärare

Kärlek och ljus

Pia Aniara 2018

Do you also want to train to become a Reiki Healer and Reiki Master? I've been lucky enough to find Stockholm's absolute best teacher and Master of Reiki. I can highly recommend her Aschima S"
Josephine Oktober 2017

  There is no one who can introduce Reikin in such a beautiful, useful and vibrant way as Aschima. Now I'm becoming Reikimaster and I can not imagine a better teacher. Everyone should meet Aschima when she is a gift in life."

Linnéa 2018 June

Reiki Certificate by Aschima